Greatings to EMYR 2014 Sailors, 8 November 2013

This is our first newsletter of EMYR2014 and we are sure that you are all conversant with the volatile political situation that exists presently in the Middle East. As a committee we are exploring all the possibility’s to make next year’s EMYR rally as safe and enjoyable as we can.

EMYR Rally has now been repeated for 23 years but it was cancelled last year, 2013. Even though it was cancelled there were 3 individual yachts, 1 sailing yacht from USA, 1 motor yacht from Holland and 1 catamaran from Belgium that started at İstanbul and completed the EMYR 2013 at N.Cyprus, with the support of the EMYR Committee and EMYR Representatives at the marinas they visited along the Turkish coast. The EMYR rally is still well supported in Turkey and N. Cyprus and our representatives in Lebanon, Israel & Egypt still work tirelessly to make our visit to their marinas / ports possible and enjoyable. Both EMYR committee and the past EMYR sailors are still enjoying very much looking at the photos of EMYR Rallies and receiving and replying to e-mails of the participants. EMYR British sailors will gather at London for the traditional dinner on 6th January 2014 at Royal Thames Yacht Club. The EMYR committee have met in N. Cyprus on October 2013 and discussed the EMYR2014 Provisional Program.

Kath & Dave are enjoying the mild climate of North Cyprus and the Golf Course in Girne – Kyrenia. Their yacht Mashona is already lifted out to their winter lay-up. They had more time for their own things to have one year off in 2013. They will go to Nepal in a week time to trek to the Annapurna Santuary river raft and visit the tigers in Chitwan (a trip they have wanted to do for a long time) before sailing they were mountaineering instructors Hasan has sailed more with his friends to Sicily, Greek Islands and enjoyed the race in Marmaris Race week with other 180 yachts in October 2013. He will visit Paris, London and Düsseldorf Boat Shows to meet the sailors planning to sail to Turkey and also that they may sail with next year’s EMYR rally. Umut is working hard to organize both marinas in Ayvalık and also in Mitillini. EMYR Rally Secretary, Ebru Kahraman, she was the Rally Secretary many years ago, is married Akbulut, Marintürk Göcek & İstanbul Marinas Manager and they live in Göcek with their 2 years old son. Our Commodore Teoman Arsay is at İstanbul and keeping his yacht at new West İstanbul Marina where we had our first EMYR cocktail this year. West İstanbul Marina and the manager Fuat Çimen will host EMYR yachts again in 2014. Çeşme Marina Manager Kemal Saatçioğlu, Teos Marina Manager Burak Köylübay, Setur Kuşadası Marina Manager Çağlar Altuntaş, D-Marin Didim Manager Ahmet Arıcasoy, Martı Marina Manager Zafer Ergül, D-Marin Göcek Marina Manager Onur Ugan, Göcek Marintürk Marina Manager Akbulut Kahraman, Setur Kaş Marina Manager Tuncay Özses, Setur Finike Marina Manager Ziya Dal, Kemer Marina Manager Levent Tokaç, Alanya Marina Manager Savaş Ayas, Mersin Marina Manager Umut Demirel, Girne Delta Marina Manager Füsun Şen, Karpazgate Marina Manager Deniz Akaltan, Haifa Carmel Club Commodore Yves Belli, Ashkelon Marina Manager Eran Portugali, Herzliya Marina Manager Amir Tzinder, Port Said representative Nagib Latif & Jounieh Marina representative Jean Philippe Khazen have confirmed that they will be happy to receive the EMYR Rally yachts again.

The EMYR2013 rally will start from Istanbul as previous years; our commodore Teoman Arsay may join us on SY Mat from İstanbul. Dave and Kath on Mashona will join EMYR rally somewhere en route maybe at Ayvalık or Cesme.

The year 2013 was complicated as we had to cancel the entire Rally due to the political developments in the region. There are still some areas impossible to visit such Latakia – Syria and some areas difficult to visit such Jounieh – Lebanon and Port Said Egypt. N. Cyprus and Israeli ports & marinas are always very friendly and the welcome will be as usual warm and hospitable. We are planning to visit the ports of Tekirdağ and Çanakkale as the new ports in Marmara Sea then keep the traditional route from Ayvalık Marina till Mersin, the last port in Turkey. Hopefully our friends and representatives can organize our visits at Lebanon and Egypt. There is no hope that we can visit Syrian Lattakia marina. The tension between the political groups in Lebanon might be settled within next 6 months. Our visit to Port Said depends on their internal political developments in Egypt.

  • The rally committee continues to monitor the political situation daily in Lebanon, Israel & Egypt.
  • We hope that our friends in those troubled countries remain safe and our thoughts are always with them.
  • In North Cyprus the old Girne harbour is full and we will stay at the commercial harbour & Girne Delta Marina. No problem with Karpazgate Marina & Famagusta Harbour.
  • We will have one night stay in Datça while sailing from Didim to Martı Marina.
  • There are two provisional programmes attached with or without Lebanon & Egypt visits. The program will be fixed in March 2014 depending on the political developments in the Middle East
  • As we have already outlined that the size of any yacht including bow spit and davits must be less than 18 metres.
  • Please try and be accurate on your joining port this is very important to us when we are at the planning stage.
  • Each year we limit the participants to 80 yachts maximum as the ports & marinas have limited spaces for the Rally yachts. Already there are 58 yachts registered from 18 different countries; 10 British, 10 German, 7 from USA, 5 from Canada, 4 from Holland, 3 from Turkey, 2 yachts each from Switzerland, Denmark, France, Italy, New Zealand, 1 yacht each from Austria, Australia, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Spain & BVI.

There will be more information with our next newsletter in December 2013.

Please see the news from the past years' rally participants & the information for entire EMYR on the web page, www.emyr.org

With our best regards,

The Rally Committee,

Kath & Dave Gerard             Gönül - Hasan Kacmaz    
  SY Mashona                         SY Ibis II         

Ebru Mete Kahraman            
              Rally Secretary