Greatings to EMYR 2012 Sailors,                                                    

Dear EMYR Sailors,

This is our first newsletter and we hope this will answer some if not all your questions. Please remember that most of your queries can be answered by referring to our web page www.emyr.org.

EMYR Rally has now been repeated for 22 years, the rally is still well supported in each country and our representatives still work tirelessly to make our stay and enjoyable one.  The EMYR has over the years had hundred of participants and is still the most popular rally in the Mediterranean. We are still enjoying very much looking at the photos of EMYR2011 receiving and replying to e-mails of the EMYR sailors.The EMYR committee met on 28 November 2011 and despite increased commitments and work load by the members, the decision is to continue the rallies for the as long as there are ports/marinas that will welcome the rally fleet. 

Kath & Dave are back in their house in Girne North Cyprus after a long hot summer. They were fortunate to meet up with many past EMYR participants on their return leg from Israel. They have continuous visitors from everywhere in the world and have a busy social life. Hasan is busy with the promotions of Alanya Marina and the other marinas on the Eastern Mediterranean coast. He will now visit the Paris for the boat show to meet new French sailors planning to sail to Turkey and also that may be sail with next year’s EMYR rally. Umut is working hard to improve the facilities of Setur Ayvalık Marina and his private life is very busy as a young father of 4 months old baby girl. The Rally secretaries, Faruk & Ceren have moved to Bodrum Turgutreis with their one year old baby. Faruk is now vice- marina manager of D-Marin Turgutreis Marina. Our Commodore Teoman Arsay is back at İstanbul and keeping his yacht at Kalamış Marina where we will have our first meetings and first reception.

The rally will start from Istanbul as previous years; our commodore Teoman Arsay may join us for first legs on SY Mat.  Dave and Kath on Mashona will join EMYR rally somewhere en route maybe Ayvalık or Cesme.

The 2011 rally basically went to plan except our visit to Syria. Syria is still unsettled and we believe it is not a good time to visit. We are planning to visit the ports of Tekirdağ Marina, Şarköy, Bozyazı, Taşucu Ports and Mersin Marina as new ports / marinas where we have visited with previous rallies in different years.

We have received the confirmations nearly from all the ports for EMYR2012 but as you follow the news, there might be some small changes over the next months. The rally committee continues to monitor the political situation in Lebanon, Israel & Egypt.

Some of the problems that occurred prior to the 2011 rally are still present.

1. The marinas along the Turkish Aegean coast are virtually full and it is increasingly more difficult to secure berths for the rally yachts.

2. In North Cyprus the old harbour is full and we will have to use a small space in the commercial harbour & Delta Marina.

We will ask the assistance of Datça Municipality & Harbour Master for one night stay in Datça while sailing from Didim to Martı Marina.

There are different plans in Göcek and also we will announce the Göcek stay with our next newsletters.

This year we will use the facilities of the new marina at Mersin.

Attached is the provisional programme which may change depending on the replies from the ports and marinas.

As we have already outlined that there is a problem with limited space in some ports and the committee has reluctantly decided that the size of any yacht including bow spit and davits must be less than 16 metres.
We will limit the amount of boats joining before Alanya (this will depend on the answer we receive from the participating marinas as to how many boats they can accommodate.

Please try and be accurate on your joining port this is very important to us when we are at the planning stage for eg. We have 12 boats starting in Istanbul?

We are aware that some of you may be disappointed but we can assure you this is necessary if the rally is to continue in its present form.

The only other solution would be to reduce the number of applicants and this we feel is a lesser option.

The committee will decide the provisional list and their decision will be final and non-negotiable.

Each year we receive more applications than we have places,  for a variety of reasons some applicants withdraw, many at the last moment, this means that we have very little time to offer the places to others on the waiting list.

The committee will expect your entry confirmation with 250 Euro non-refundable deposit credit card payment form until the 30th of December 2011.Those yachts not confirming by that date will be deleted from the main list. Depending on the confirmed participants number on the main list the EMYR Committee will send the second e-mail to the yachts on the waiting list with a request for confirmation and deposit payment. They will then move on to the main list. The coast sharing contribution is 450 Euro per person and this amount must be settled by the end of February 2012 for the entire crew. The 250 Euro deposit payment will be deducted from the total coast sharing contribution.

There are some other points that you should either address now or consider.

  1. Please ensure your Turkish transit log will not expire before our departure from Mersin & your last Turkish port should clearly be Mersin.

  2. Ensure your passport is in date till at least 6 weeks after the end of the rally.

  3. Please note that although European identity cards are acceptable in Turkey and North Cyprus, a full passport is essential for Lebanon Israel and Egypt.

  4. You should ensure that you and your crew satisfy the entry requirements for the country's that we visit (this is particularly important if you have crew joining or leaving)

  5. There are six overnight passages.

  6. You have the necessary insurance for the areas we visit.

  7. There shouldn't be an Israeli stamp at the passports and no Israeli connections for our Lebanon visit. The passports will be inspected carefully in Lebanon.

With our best regards,




     Kath & David Gerrard        Gönül & Hasan Kaçmaz   

      SY Mashona UK                   SY IBIS II, Turkey            


    Umut Tepedelenlioğlu         Ceren & Faruk Günlü

    EMYR Coordinator               EMYR Secretary