Greatings to EMYR 2017 Sailors, February 2017


There is considerable interest from both previous EMYR participants and from potential new participants to enter a 2017 EMYR.

We are sure that you are fully aware of the current political situation in Turkey and the problems in neighbouring countries. 
We have thoroughly assessed the situation and we feel that it is perfectly safe and hugely enjoyable to sail the Turkish coast, even more so in the company of other like-minded yachtsmen and women. The EMYR Committee has therefore decided to organize an EMYR in 2017 and announce this on the web site www.emyr.org 
Taking the security situation into consideration, we decided it to be the right time to make substantial changes in the EMYR route. Traditionally we would start in Istanbul and then sail the Turkish coast to N. Cyprus and from there to Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Egypt.   This time we plan to start in Kaş and sail eastwards as far as Mersin, then N. Cyprus, then back to Turkey.  We will backtrack part of our earlier route, stopping at different locations, heading westwards and then north to finish in Istanbul
Sailing in this EMYR will provide an unrivalled opportunity to visit virtually all of Turkey’s amazing sailing destinations.  The total distance is 1,311 nm.  The duration is 55 days and a total of 36 different marinas/ports/anchorages will be visited.

While the organisers encourage entrants to complete the entire rally route, those that wish to partake only for a limited sector, are equally welcome.

The EMYR Committee will keep tracking all the political developments in Turkey and in the region for EMYR2017 in next three months and may alter the program as necessary. The full programme is accessible at our website but we wish to point out that it is subject to change, depending on local circumstances.

We wish and hope to have a better political climate for 2017 and we also wish and hope a peaceful and safe future for the Eastern Mediterranean countries’ people including Turkey.

The donation to the association for organising this EMYR is 240 Euro per person and is not refundable.  The participants may have a guest on board for two ports stay and they don’t have to donate the amount as they will also be EMYR guests. Children below 12 are also guest of the rally and no donation is required for their participation.

As always, the Turkish marinas will provide complementary mooring for participants.  The EMYR Association will also pay for some dinners and/or cocktails whereby the local hosts are invited.  There will of course be the usual t-shirts, caps, plaques and the production costs for the EMYR ‘bible’

The charges related to entry and departure formalities and to optional excursions and tours will be borne by individual participants. This will be announced on the EMYR web site.

Further details and entry forms for the EMYR 2017 can be found at www.emyr.org Interested yachts should register as soon as possible.  This does not commit them to anything but it will help to assist the organisers in planning.  Donations MUST be received two weeks before the start date in order to ensure participation.

The EMYR will remain as non-profit making organization that has as its main objective to promote yachting tourism in the Eastern Mediterranean, besides being of a major sporting event.



Kath & David Gerrard         Sue & Lammert Zwaagstra        Gönül & Hasan Kaçmaz                 
      SY Mashona, UK                   SY Makena, NL/UK                   SY IBIS II, Turkey