We hope that you are all fine, happy and are enjoying your winter days in your warm cosy houses in front of the fire place.

Hasan has been at London & Düsseldorf boat shows in January and met many past and future EMYR participants. David & Kath have visited the friends and the family in UK for two weeks and now they are back in Girne, N. Cyprus. The Turkish Cruising Dinner was organized one more time on 14th January 2013 Monday at London Polish Club and 58 old and new EMYR participants, Rod & Lucinda Heikell, Turkish Ambassador Assistant and Turkish Marina Managers were at the dinner.

The weather in Turkey and Cyprus is extremely nice, sunny and warm for last couple of days but the cold and rainy days are coming.

Your committee and organization team are spread apart from each other but work in harmony as always. Commodore Teoman Arsay is in İstanbul and working for the Amateur Sailors Federation in Turkey. Hasan, Kath & Dave will meet in North Cyprus to visit the authorities and the marinas for EMYR2013 organization. Kath & Dave are always happy to set the BBQ in their garden and G&T in their bar for their cruising friends. Girne social life is very active, if you care to visit please contact before as always.


Cyprus this year has like Turkey received rain falls but we still have mostly clear blue skies and sunshine. Dave and Kath as normal have moved into ashore mode and are playing golf three or four times a week. In-between preparing Mashona for this year’s rally, If any of you are keen golfers then we can arrange for a round at the Korinium course during your stay in North Cyprus. Hasan has reported that Nagib Latif from Port Said and Ashkelon Marina founder Armen Portugali from Israel have visited İstanbul Boat Show in February. Hasan has also visited Israel in February to have meetings with Haifa, Ashkelon and Herzliya marina Managers. They are all very happy to welcome EMYR2013.

Unfortunately there is no good news from Syria and Lebanon. Due to the conditions in these countries, EMYR2013 can’t visit their marinas.

We now have completed the provisional programme for EMYR2013 and received the confirmations from marinas / ports. All the marinas in Turkey, N. Cyprus, Israel and Egypt are happy to be part of EMYR organization again. We believe that here will be enough space in Girne Tourism harbour and Delta Marina Manager Aycan Atış will provide berths for us. Karpazgate Marina Manager Deniz Akaltan promises even better party this year. Dave Kath & Hasan will meet with the Ports and Transport minister and try and secure mooring area in Famagusta.

Commodore Teoman Arsay will meet some of the EMYR yachts that they will start the Rally in West İstanbul Marina. West İstanbul Marina Manager Fuat Çimen, Setur Ayvalık Marina Manager Umut Tepedelenlioğlu, C&N Çeşme Marina General Manager Kemal Saatçioğlu, Setur Kuşadası Marina Manager Çağlar Altunsoy, Didim Marina Manager Can Polat, Martı Marina Manager Serhat Maya, Doğuş Göcek Marina Manager Onur Ogan, Marintürk Göcek Marina Manager Akbulut Kahraman, Kaş Marina General Manager Tuncay Özses, Setur Finike Marina Manager Ziya Dal, Türkiz Kemer Marina General Manager Levent Tokaç and Alanya Marina General Manager Savaş Ayas, Mersin Marina Manager Cengiz İnangül are looking forward to welcome the EMYR2013 yachts. Haifa Port, Ashkelon Marina and Herzliya Marina in Israel, Port Said Harbor in Egypt have replied positively to welcome the rally yachts again in 2013.

The Rally Committee is monitoring the political situation in the Middle East as usual, and will make appropriate decisions to ensure the enjoyment of the Rally. According to the news, there are no problems in Israel & Egypt. There are intensive talks in Cyprus Island between Greek & Turkish Cypriot communities and they are working (talking) hard to achieve a positive solution. After the latest election in Cyprus, the new possible President approach will be more positive for unification in Cyprus.

As you are aware the situation in Syria worsens by the day please say some prayers for our many friends there and hope that peace will soon prevail.

There is a final list of the participants on the EMYR web site www.emyr.org with their yacht names and yacht details. We will also send the list within a week time with e-mail addresses. Please inform us only if you don’t want to announce your e-mail address.

The provisional EMYR2013 programme is attached. According to the entry forms, yachts have declared their joining ports as below;
İstanbul 20 Çeşme 1 Kuşadası 1 Didim 1
Datça 1 Martı 5 Göcek 6 Finike 1
Alanya 2 Girne 1 Unknown 2 Total 41

It is really important that you inform us if you change your joining ports.

According to the nationalities;

UK 14 French 5 German 1 Turkish 2 Dutch 4 N.Zealand 1 USA 4 Canada 2
Irland 1 Italy 1 Australia 2 N. Cyprus 1 Israel 1 Sweden 1

Total 41 yachts from 14 different countries

The cost sharing fee is 450 Euros per person and you can now settle payments with the web site payments system.

We are checking the prices of tours, entry fees/taxes and fuel of every country that we will visit. You may find the samples of the costs for 2012 on our web site but there might be some different tours than last year. Therefore, we will inform you of the latest information with our next newsletters. All new information will be posted on our website.

You can visit the web site of the rally to find information about the rally, ports, tours, and articles written by past Rally participants. www.emyr.org the official website. The Rally Committee will try to respond your questions. But please ask only important questions.

INSURANCE: For your own benefit, it is wise to check with your yacht insurance agency about coverage in some of the Eastern Med countries since they may be on the company's list of 'war territories.' We recommend that you receive written confirmation from your insurance company that you are covered in these counties. Other participants have received approval by sending their company a letter of request for coverage explaining that we are a large group, that this is the 24th year for this rally.

You can now e-mail the following information to the EMYR secretary.

Crew: There are (5) overnight passages after Mersin. Do you have adequate crew? We realize that this is an ambitious schedule of passages and tours but necessary in order to not inconvenience the local fishing boats and yachts owners. Tired crew can lead to short tempers and intolerance and would defeat the purpose of the Rally. We have an experience that also unknown crew can be a problem. Take people you know very well and really get on very well as a crew.

Please note the committee do not operate a crew/boat/ crew matching service.

Passport Information: Ebru Kahraman, EMYR Secretary at Göcek has received only some crew and passport information. Please can you fill in the online form in the web page as soon as possible? Please inform him if there are any changes in your crew passports.

If you are arriving at a port before the designated Rally time, staying longer or returning after, you must have reservations and pay the agreed upon fees. Some marinas will have special rates for yachts returning after the Rally depending on the length of your stay. Please contact the marina managements individually.

Shirt sizes: Please can you fill in the same online form in the web page as soon as possible with shirt sizes for crew (S, M, L, XL, XXL) if you are any bigger than this you need to go on a diet.

DON’T e-mail passport information and T-Shirt sizes for the crew. Please visit the web site www.emyr.org click Entry Forms, there you will see EMYR2013 Crew List. Please complete this form for the passport details and T-Shirt sizes and return to the EMYR office by automatic reply.

The Committee members look forward to meeting you again in the Rally where you will be sure of a warm welcome with cold drinks. Until that day, we wish you good time in your boat or at home for the winter months. If there are further questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail info@emyr.org . Our hope is for good weather, friendships, hospitality, and great experiences as we will make the 24th Eastern Mediterranean Yacht Rally a wonderful event for both the sailors and our hosts.

Can we also take this opportunity to remind you that the official language of the rally is English any communication should be in that vernacular.

Just once again can we remind you that you must have no Israeli stamp in your passport and chartering or charging crew for passage (other than reasonable cost sharing, ie food and fuel) is strictly against the rally rules.

We wish fair cruising and many Happy Hours, and of course a very happy and peaceful New Year.



                                                 Kath & David Gerrard      Gönül& Hasan Kaçmaz                

                                                      SY Mashona UK               SY IBIS II, Turkey

                                                                         Ebru Mete Kahraman
                                                                               EMYR Secretary