Dear EMYR2013 Sailors,

EMYR Committee met today in Antalya to decide on how to continue. The committee also phoned some of the possible participants of EMYR2013 to obtain their opinions.

Finally, it is decided to cancel EMYR2013 for several major reasons.

  • Syria and Lebanon visits are definitely not possible,
  • Egypt’s political situation isn’t settled and most probably visiting Egypt unlikely,
  • One of the main attractions of EMYR is meeting new people, making new friends but there will be only 9 yachts plus 2 committee yachts in total 26 crew,
  • It will be difficult to organize dinners and dancing parties for such a small number of people,
  • Tours will be difficult and more costly to organize for such a small number of people,
  • Many insurance companies have a reluctance to insure the area we will sail,
  • If you still wish to sail to N. Cyprus and Israel individually, the committee is happy to provide the names and contact addresses in the marinas. The cruising notes of EMYR2012 is on the EMYR website.

    We hope there will be a better political climate in the region in the spring of 2014 and we can cruise with EMYR2014. There are already 27 yachts listed for EMYR2014 and many more will join as it will be the 25th anniversary.

    We feel very sorry to cancel EMYR2013 after 23 years but we think this is the only decision we can take.

    Please inform us if you sail to southern coast of Turkey to meet Hasan or N.Cyprus marinas to meet Kath & Dave.

    We wish you pleasant cruising season and fair winds.

    Hasan Kaçmaz