Dear EMYR2012 sailors,

We are still receiving conflicting news from Syria and the final decision about our visit will not be made till much nearer the time.

However we are working on an alternative programme if we do have to cancel. This may mean that we go direct to Lebanon from Cyprus.

Latest news from Israel is that there are renewed hostilities in Gaza but the reports from Ashkelon Marina Manager are very positive.

Let us hope that the conflicts subside and we can have a trouble free and quiet visit.

There are still some uncertainties about Port Said they still have to elect a government, our representative Nagib Latif reports that all is well, again let us hope that this remains so.

The number of the yachts is 58 and the crew 186. We have stopped the registry when we had the number 80 and 22 yachts are dropped out mainly because of the personal problems. There are also yachts that have cancelled their participation due to the unsettled conditions in the region.
There are 3 yachts starting from ─░stanbul on 24th April 2011, SY Coelacanth from Holland, SY LaVida from Norway and SY Lavinia from Czech Republic.

Dave,Kath and Hasan are at Alanya working hard, finilising the programmee,organising tours,speaking to our representitives,preparing the rally manual (The Bible) as well as a thousand other things that the rally organisation requires.

Dave and Kath will leave shortly weather permitting and are intending to meet the rally in Ayvalick let us hope the weather Gods are kind.

Boats joining the rally in Gocek are reminded that they should not arrive at Marinturk marinia before 16:00 on the arrival day this is to enable the boats comming from the North to moor quickly and also allow your committee to organise with the marina management.

If you intend to change your joining port please let us know as soon as possible.

Your rally bags and other materials will await you at your joining port along withthe rally manual.

A final point,please check your transitlogs passports and ships papers.

A full passport is required not an idtentity card for travel past Turkey.

We wish you fair winds & calm seas,



     Kath & David Gerrard        Gönül & Hasan Kaçmaz   

      SY Mashona UK                   SY IBIS II, Turkey            


    Umut Tepedelenlioğlu         Ceren & Faruk Günlü

    EMYR Coordinator               EMYR Secretary