Dear EMYR2012 Sailors,

Your committee is tracking the developments in Syria & Egypt. Hasan has talked to EMYR Representative Felix – Nagib Latif at Port Said and he reports that all is even better than before, more freedom in the country. Nagib has explained the big Cruise Liners started already visiting Port Said again. Also we have had few phone calls to Lattakia & Damascus. Turkish Honorary Council at Lattakia Mr. Abdalah Nezihi, Marina Manager Issam Al Hage and Marina Investor Mr. Nader Kalai has explained that there has been difficult times in Syria and now it is all settled. They believe in the future with their President Bashar Asad.

EMYR2011 new optional provisional programme is attached. We have cancelled the visit of Mersin and as we will cruise to Lattakia from Karpas Gate Marina according to our new Provisional Program.

Attached is the list of 216 crew on 66 EMYR Yachts that we haven’t received some of the information yet. Please inform the Rally Secretary urgently through web site. 26 crew information is steel missing.

We have received the passport & ship paper scan copies from some yachts already. Please forward the scan copies as early as possible. EMYR Office will forward the copies to Lattakia & Haifa Harbours till the middle of April 2011.

For the rally cost sharing payments, the mail order form on the EMYR web site, should be completed again for the balance amount. EMYR Office can’t use the first mail order form for the balance payment, the new form should be completed and returned to the EMYR Office use. Some of the participants are not settled the payments yet and please complete or inform if you are cancelling your participation.

For 2 crew 800 Euro 200 Euro is paid as an advance Balance 600 Euro

For 3 crew 1200 Euro 200 Euro is paid as an advance Balance 1000 Euro

For 4 Crew 1600 Euro 200 Euro is paid as an advance Balance 1400 Euro

For 5 Crew 2000 Euro 200 Euro is paid as an advance Balance 1800 Euro

The updated information for the charges of the tours and the entry & departure formalities of the countries will be announced on the EMYR web site when it is received from the ports in April 2011.

Please check your entry ports and inform if there is any change with your entry port. All the yachts joining at Martı Marina is changed to Göcek.

There will be enough N.Cyprus, Syrian, Lebanese, Israeli & Egyptian flags in Alanya Marina EMYR Rally Office as informed with our previous newsletter. Please inform the number of the flags now and visit the Yacht Chandler at Alanya on arrival. You can pay and buy your flags at Yacht Chandler. Each flag is 2,5 Euro and sizes 30 * 45 cm.

We hope to give you more information for Syria & Egypt with our next announcement.

We wish fair cruising and many Happy Hours. (Dave’s happy hour starts at 9 and finishes at 8 every day)

With our best wishes,



     Kath & David Gerrard        Gönül & Hasan Kaçmaz   

      SY Mashona UK                   SY IBIS II, Turkey            


    Umut Tepedelenlioğlu         Ceren & Faruk Günlü

    EMYR Coordinator               EMYR Secretary