Those were the (EMYR) Days

1. Once upon a time there was an EMYR
No-one really knew just what that meant
Was it a great bird from way down-under
Or an Arab leader in a tent?

refrain: Those were the days my friend,
we thought they'd never end
We sailed and danced forever and a day
We lived the life we'd choose, while on the rally cruise
Those were the days, oh yes, those were the days!

2. Starting in the cold and rainy weather
From old Istanbul they set their sails
Down the coast of scenic western Turkey
The 17th East Med. Rally would prevail

3. From port to port along the sunny south coast
Where the full fleet gathered all around
Then , in good conditions, left for Cyprus
Where a pirate party would be found.

4. The lure of 'new marina' now was calling
In Syria the welcome was divine
Nader was waiting on the quay to greet us
With mariners to take and tie our line

5. Mem'ries of belly dancers, caves and Balbeck
Still fresh in our minds to bring a smile
We said our fond farewells to dear Jounieh
And off again to add another mile

6. The Holy Land was viewed with lots of interest
In places of great legend we would be
Jerusalem, Masada and old Haifa
We even got to float in the Dead Sea

7. Now its done, we need to do some small jobs
Change oil and filters, clean up, make things neat
Splice the lines until there are no loose ends
But first of all WE NEED TO GET SOME SLEEP

So, my friends, this sailing rally's over
We've made good friends and shared a glass or two
We've seen sights both new and fascinating
But, sadly now, it's time to say 'Adieu'

This song was created by Thomas Fischer of S/Y Querida Grande and his Group during the 1998 EMYR and was altered by Su Dunkerly of M/Y Domino in March 2001.